BTSR International Spa is a worldwide leading company in the design and development of advanced solutions for yarn control in a variety of industrial processes, from yarn preparation to textile fabrics manufacturing.
BTSR is today a world Reference Partner for the major companies operating in the textile chain, by contributing to their production efficiency and quality improvement.
SSM AG is the one brand and trend-setter that drives the global market in winding technologies / machines.
SSM’s competencies lie in the handling of the yarn during the winding and yarn processing operations to obtain best packages that combine all the desirable characteristics. This serves as a foundation for the optimization of quality and efficiency in the downstream processes.
SSM is committed in many applications of the textile process chain:
• Dye Packages/ Rewinding
• Air Texturing
• False Twist Texturing
• Air Covering
• Draw Winding
• Assembly Winding
• Singeing
• Sewing Thread Winding
• Preparation Processes
Solution provider for efficient weaving and knitting processes:
• TIEPRO warp tying machine with auto-reverse for less operator intervention:
• SAFIR drawing in machines featuring unique AWC (Active Warp Control) technology for perfectly prepared warps
• High speed cam motion and dobbies for every weft insertion system
• Jacquard machines in formats from 64 to 51,2000 hooks (narrow fabrics, flat fabrics, terry, carpets, velvets, technical fabrics)
• D4S toe closing device for circular sock knitting machines

Stäubli (Hangzhou) Mechatronic Co., Ltd.
Phone: +86 400 66 70066
Fax: +86 571 8691 2162
Fadis was founded in 1960 and it manufactures a complete line of precision rewinders, soft winders, assembly winders, hank to cone winders, reeling machines, spooling machines and intermingling machines available on the market, which are meant to process all types of yarns such as cotton, wool, silk, artificial fibres, synthetic fibres, mixed fibres, intermingled yarns, fancy yarns.Thanks to the innovative constructional philosophy of the SINCRO range called “open platform”, it is possible to create a machine which fully responds to his technical/production requirements which allows the customer to identify - in a single basic model - all the processes he needs, with undeniable advantages with regard to personnel training, maintenance and production organization.
Marzoli spinning frame sets the lead in the process of continuous technological advancements, pursuing the objectives of productivity, efficiency, and flexibility.
Among their features:
- Fully integrated slub device to realize 37 slubs in one meter and 610 slubs per minute at 16 m/min
- Possibility to equip the machine with core-spun and duocore attachments.
- Suitability for the production of compact yarn with the cutting-edge apron-compacting system MAC3000
- Up to 2400 spindles with the new MDS2.4 Hyper Ring
- All electronic components by Siemens
- Independent drives for spindles, ring rail and drafting system.