AATCC provides testing methods, training, and textile testing materials.
AATCC Standard Detergent Provides:
• Certified Consistency: Each lot of genuine AATCC detergent is tested and certified to meet testing specifications.
• Optical Brightener Option: AATCC standard detergents without optical brightener (WOB) let you access color change due to the test procedure, without the added influence of brighteners.
• More Reproducible Testing: Using AATCC standard detergent for each test assures that all test results can be validly compared within a lab, and between labs. You save money by avoiding redundant testing, and your testing results are more valuable for your customer.


BTSR International Spa is a worldwide leading company in the design and development of advanced solutions for yarn control in a variety of industrial processes, from yarn preparation to textile fabrics manufacturing.
BTSR is today a world Reference Partner for the major companies operating in the textile chain, by contributing to their production efficiency and quality improvement.


Rieter After Sales serves customers not only with spare parts but also with value-adding services and solutions over the entire product lifecycle.
The After Sales service offering comprises all elements from textile technology support over field or repair services to customer training.
Mill Assessments and After Sales Solutions make the customers' spinning mills even more productive, efficient and flexible.
Rieter's Digital Solutions take the customers to a new level of smart mill management, from remote mill monitoring and quality control to preventive maintenance.
Rieter prepares its customers for the future and boosts them to stay ahead of the competition.
Visit our website for more information: http://www.rieter.com/cn/after-sales/


TESTEX is an independent Swiss testing and certification organisation operating worldwide with the focus on textile testing. In addition to its headquarters in Zurich (Switzerland), TESTEX has twelve other branch offices.
TESTEX has been testing, analysing and certifying with the focus on the textile sector since 1846. The long-established company has become highly regarded, initially in Europe and subsequently also worldwide, for its high-quality services, its independence and its innovative energy.


The Swiss Textile Machinery Association represents the interest of its 40 members. The products, technologies and solutions covered through the Swiss textile machinery companies include the entire textile value chain, from spinning, weaving, embroidery, knitting, finishing, to coating and quality control.
The Swiss textile machinery industry opens up crucial competitive advantages for its customers with creative, economic and sustainable overall solutions – the FACTOR + :
Quality + Lasting Value
Strength + Partnership
Creativity + Success
High Tech + Reliability
Performance + Sustainability


SSM AG is the one brand and trend-setter that drives the global market in winding technologies / machines.
SSM's competencies lie in the handling of the yarn during the winding and yarn processing operations to obtain best packages that combine all the desirable characteristics. This serves as a foundation for the optimization of quality and efficiency in the downstream processes.

SSM is committed in many applications of the textile process chain:
• Dye Packages/ Rewinding
• Air Texturing
• False Twist Texturing
• Air Covering
• Draw Winding
• Assembly Winding
• Singeing
• Sewing Thread Winding
• Preparation Processes


Stäubli – a first-class mechatronics solution provider!

The multinational Stäubli Group has three core activities: textile, robotics, and connectors.

To meet all possible demands of the clients, Stäubli Textile provides innovative technical solutions for the weaving industry such as:
. Cam motions and dobbies for all applications
. Jacquard machines and harnesses for finest fabrics
. Weaving preparation solutions (automatic drawing-in, tying, handling)
. Weaving systems for carpets and technical fabrics

Your Stäubli contact for the Chinese market:
Stäubli (Hangzhou) Mechatronic Co., Ltd.
Phone: +86 400 66 70066
Fax: +86 571 8691 2162
E-Mail: hz.textile.sales@staubli.com


Comprising the reputed brands KERN-LIEBERS KNITTING PARTS, SAXONIA and LEISTNER. A reliable partner regarding textile Parts, needles for the weft-, raschel- and warp knitting industries as well as spinning machines with a programme of more than 60.000 different types. A preferred development partner and supplier to the textile machine builders.