Scope of Exhibits
 Future Mobility Section Autonomous
ADAS 、Automotive 、 SystemAI 、System 、Navigation
 Connected Vehicles
5G Application 、E-payment 、Telematics 、Positioning Solution
Electric Vehicles 、Charging Equipment 、Charging Station Servicesl 、Battery
 Power Control Units
Electric Engines 、Power Split Device 、Steering System 、Powertrain
 Automotive Parts & Components
 Automotive Systems, including:
- Engines & Mechanical System
- Chassis System
- Body System
- Electric & Electronic System
- Lighting System
 Maintenance, Repair and Refitting Technology and Equipment
 Diagnostic and Measurement Equipment
 Emission Testing & Analyzing Technology
 Tyre & Wheel
 Car Audio
 Automotive Accessories
 Lubricants, Auto Supplies & Car Care Products
 Car Safety Technology and Equipment
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