CottonWorks equips with free resources for remote decision-making of supply chains.
CottonWorks equips with free resources for remote decision-making of supply chains.
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The way we do business is changing. Working from anywhere provides us opportunities to approach business decisions differently. No matter where we are working, fiber, fabric and product decisions still need to be made to keep business moving forward and done with confidence.

CottonWorks™ equips you with free resources to make knowledgeable decisions in your supply chain. Find the information you need to stay in motion and better understand the benefits of cotton, including:

  • biodegradability and recycling facts
  • fabric inspiration and trend forecasting
  • consumer behavior and economic data

Cotton & Our Environment

Sustainability continues to be a hot topic in the apparel and textile industry. As a natural fiber, the success of cotton is directly linked to the land and its health. Being good stewards of the environment requires continuous attention to reducing impact throughout every link in cotton’s long supply chain—from the seeds from which cotton is grown, to the processing and manufacturing practices of finished cotton goods. CottonWorks™ provides the sustainability facts, news and industry expertise you need to know.

The webinar series brings together experts from across the industry to address your questions. A recent webinar, Stop the Leak: Addressing Plastic Leakage in Your Supply Chain educates viewers about an initiative designed to identify, measure, and develop scalable solutions to stop plastic leakage and pollution in the supply chain. The latest webinar, Cotton & Water: Demystifying Agricultural Water Management, examines science-based data surrounding cotton’s water use and discusses ongoing research that continues to improve cotton’s water productivity.

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Digital Fabric Library for Product Inspiration

Cotton Incorporated’s FABRICAST™ collection of inspirational fabrics incorporates new yarns, interesting woven or knit fabric structures, unique dyeing and finishing techniques, and fabric performance technologies all to inspire and demonstrate the possibilities with cotton.

Cotton trend forecasters and fabric designers have curated fabric collections to inspire you.  Don’t miss these special collections on top trending; denim; natural and sustainable; and comfortable and cozy fabrics.

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COVID-19 Impact: Cotton Crop, Economics, & Shopping

Cotton Incorporated compiles a comprehensive monthly analysis of the latest global events, including COVID-19, affecting the world cotton supply and demand situation and world cotton prices.

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For nearly all industries, it has been a year full of uncertainty. This certainly has been true for U.S. cotton growers. Typically, ahead of planting, growers will study prices for different crops and choose to devote more of their acreage to the one that offers them the best return. This year has been exceptional for its volatility, and the challenge of guessing which crop may represent the best option proves difficult.

Read about trade, COVID-19, & the planting season.

To better understand the effects of the pandemic on consumer habits and attitudes, Cotton Incorporated asked consumers in the U.S., China and other countries around the world  how they may change their behaviors.  These valuable insights can help the textile industry better meet the needs of consumers during this time. 

COVID-19 Consumer Concerns Survey:  CHINA

COVID-19 Consumer Concerns Survey: Wave 1

COVID-19 Consumer Concerns Survey: Wave 2